Autumn Without Academics

            The anxiety of picking the perfect outfit for the first day. Packing your bag multiple times to be sure you have everything you need. Those night-before jitters, and the excitement of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The anticipation of a new year of learning. For almost my entire life, I’ve celebrated back-to-school… Continue reading Autumn Without Academics


My Journey as a Woman in Horror

            You would think someone who was obsessed with vampires at a young age, obsessively checked out ghost stories from the library, and loved Halloween would always have been a woman in horror, right? That same girl who wrote two different vampire novels, a short horror film, and tons of dark poetry as a teenager?… Continue reading My Journey as a Woman in Horror


20 Good Things About 2020

            It’s incredibly easy to talk about what a difficult year this has been. We began with the threat of World War III (remember that?) and then were surprised with a few unforeseen deaths before the COVID-19 pandemic began making itself known. There were product shortages (such as toilet paper), murder hornets, protests, a crazy… Continue reading 20 Good Things About 2020