Shelfie 2022: Childhood Favorites

            If you’ve been a bibliophile since words first became stories then you know the all too real struggle of maintaining a growing collection of old favorites, new additions, and the ever-growing To Be Read. The size of my shelves has ebbed and flowed over the years, and so have their contents. At least four… Continue reading Shelfie 2022: Childhood Favorites


Shelfie 2022: Vintage & Antique Books

            In January, I shared an updated tour of my bookshelves. While my collection is smaller and a bit more selective than it used to be, I still have a fondness for whatever catches my eye. Often this includes less recent books. Living in a world where classics are available digitally or in a hundred… Continue reading Shelfie 2022: Vintage & Antique Books


Shelfie Update 2022

               I don’t know about you, but the inherent voyeuristic pleasure in observing others’ bookshelves is one of life’s gentlest joys. You can find common ground in shared reads, new titles for your TBR, question their taste, and so much more. Plus, in the years since social media has pushed the ‘reader aesthetic’, the organization… Continue reading Shelfie Update 2022


How I Organize My Giant Movie Collection

            While we may live in an era of streaming and digital downloads, some patrons of physical media still buy and compile large collections of movies. This has various merits: if one month Netflix has the film you love and the next it doesn’t, owning a physical copy can guarantee the ability to watch whenever… Continue reading How I Organize My Giant Movie Collection


From the Shelves: Women in Horror 2021

            We can generally agree that it’s all well and good to provide “best of”, “top”, and “authors you should know” lists whenever we’re trying to draw attention to a particular group of writers. Often, these lists are fairly inclusive and, as time goes on, more names get added and people come more in the… Continue reading From the Shelves: Women in Horror 2021


Marie Kondo, Books, & Me

  After the premier of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, an image circulated around the internet showing the creator and host of the KonMari method saying, “Ideally, keep fewer than 30 books.” Of course, the internet does what it does and got all up in a huff—especially book-lovers—and said not my books! The quote, taken… Continue reading Marie Kondo, Books, & Me


Building a Better Bookshelf: A Winter Adventure

            Wherever I’ve been I’ve always had bookshelves. The only things that have ever changed have been the number, shelves, organization, and quality. For most of 2018, I lived off of one micromanaged BILLY bookcase and the rest of my books were in a storage unit. When I moved into an apartment, all the books… Continue reading Building a Better Bookshelf: A Winter Adventure

Lifestyles · Reviews

Reading Malone Shelfie Update: January 2017

When The Captain and I first moved into the Haus in October 2014, I was limited to a single bookshelf. Having to choose between my books and decide which ones would stay at my Mom’s and which ones would go with was the hardest part of the entire move. Luckily, two years later, The Captain… Continue reading Reading Malone Shelfie Update: January 2017

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Recommendations from the Writing Shelf

I’m proud to say that over the years I’ve acquired a lovely little collection of writing books. It only takes up a single shelf, covers a variety of topics, and gives me inspiration and strength when I need it. Writing books, while not necessary to write, often cover the basics of setting, plot, character development,… Continue reading Recommendations from the Writing Shelf