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I Talk on Film at Fifty

            If you’re looking for a taste of OcTerror in June, I have a treat for you. I had a great opportunity to guest on Brian Rowe’s podcast Film at Fifty, where he observes semicentennial movies. We talked about 1972’s Night of the Lepus, Janet Leigh, and the magic of horror—for almost two hours! This… Continue reading I Talk on Film at Fifty


Lent 2022: Growth & Gratitude

            I was hesitant about Lent this year. In the weeks following the death of my cat, I wasn’t doing well and wasn’t sure how sacrificing something for faith would actually benefit me. My meals were sporadic, and my appetite was small so food didn’t make sense. I’d already given up on my Squishmallow habit… Continue reading Lent 2022: Growth & Gratitude