Getaway with Soleil: Auckland Part 1

               The last time I visited New Zealand was in 2016. I flew in July, the southern winter, to surprise my dad for his birthday. I spent a few weeks exploring the city and sights, spending quality time with my family, and thinking through life. I was supposed to return for a trip in summer… Continue reading Getaway with Soleil: Auckland Part 1


Getaway with Soleil: No Longer Flying Solo

               Before this week, I had flown to New Zealand three times. Each time I was alone and either left from San Francisco or Los Angeles after a long layover. I’d usually take the window seat, curl against the plane, watch a few movies, and try to sleep. Thirteen hours of general uninterrupted aloneness, except… Continue reading Getaway with Soleil: No Longer Flying Solo


Getaway with Soleil: Vancouver Part 2

            Believe it or not, this may be my first holiday. Most of my traveling throughout life has been spent visiting family, going somewhere with my family, or attending conferences or competitions. As far as I know, this Getaway will be the first time I’m away from home, exploring the world, visiting and meeting people… Continue reading Getaway with Soleil: Vancouver Part 2


Getaway With Soleil: Vancouver Part 1

            In March, I came to Vancouver to meet Soleil for the first time, and spent six magical days exploring the city. In May, I ventured to Denver for StokerCon, and ate my way through the various restaurants while expanding my horror knowledge. I wrote about both of these events after they happened. The Getaway,… Continue reading Getaway With Soleil: Vancouver Part 1


Autumn Without Academics

            The anxiety of picking the perfect outfit for the first day. Packing your bag multiple times to be sure you have everything you need. Those night-before jitters, and the excitement of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The anticipation of a new year of learning. For almost my entire life, I’ve celebrated back-to-school… Continue reading Autumn Without Academics

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My Newest Obsession: Writing Spaces

               In a small, informal poll on Twitter, I asked the writing community where they wrote most often. The possible answers were desk, couch/bed, table/flat surface, or other. In an unsurprising majority, the desk gained most of the votes, with a few for couch/bed and other also coming in. A couple of people commented to… Continue reading My Newest Obsession: Writing Spaces


What I Listened To: 2012

            Not only is this June the second anniversary of my What I’m Listening To column, but it’s also been ten years since I started keeping track of my annual favorites. That initially began as YouTube videos, transformed to iPod playlists for a few years, and has been a feature here on the blog since… Continue reading What I Listened To: 2012


Lent 2022: Growth & Gratitude

            I was hesitant about Lent this year. In the weeks following the death of my cat, I wasn’t doing well and wasn’t sure how sacrificing something for faith would actually benefit me. My meals were sporadic, and my appetite was small so food didn’t make sense. I’d already given up on my Squishmallow habit… Continue reading Lent 2022: Growth & Gratitude


Shelfie 2022: Childhood Favorites

            If you’ve been a bibliophile since words first became stories then you know the all too real struggle of maintaining a growing collection of old favorites, new additions, and the ever-growing To Be Read. The size of my shelves has ebbed and flowed over the years, and so have their contents. At least four… Continue reading Shelfie 2022: Childhood Favorites


Nevermets No More: Six Days with Soleil

            Last Wednesday, I met a stranger from the internet.             Except, this person wasn’t quite a stranger. Who would be after 550 days of talking and virtual dates since we’d matched on Tinder in September 2020? The journey to bring us together is its own post, but the result is what really matters. After… Continue reading Nevermets No More: Six Days with Soleil