Autumn Without Academics

            The anxiety of picking the perfect outfit for the first day. Packing your bag multiple times to be sure you have everything you need. Those night-before jitters, and the excitement of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The anticipation of a new year of learning. For almost my entire life, I’ve celebrated back-to-school… Continue reading Autumn Without Academics


Nevermets No More: Six Days with Soleil

            Last Wednesday, I met a stranger from the internet.             Except, this person wasn’t quite a stranger. Who would be after 550 days of talking and virtual dates since we’d matched on Tinder in September 2020? The journey to bring us together is its own post, but the result is what really matters. After… Continue reading Nevermets No More: Six Days with Soleil


Blocked or Scared: Writing the New

            I often define my life in the writing project that corresponds with that moment. From middle school to grad school, it always felt like I had something to work on: a revision, a novel, a poem, fan fiction, script, research, etc. That’s roughly fourteen years of tinkering and playing with my craft and ideas.… Continue reading Blocked or Scared: Writing the New


My Newest Obsession: Squishmallows

               I don’t think I’m alone in that I become obsessed with certain things. It could be a TV show or movie, a certain kind of food, a type of décor, a celebrity, etc. We’re all just chasing little highs that bring us joy in the every day. Sometimes I fixate on obsessions in the… Continue reading My Newest Obsession: Squishmallows


Sad Girl Summer: Ranking My Depressive Episodes

The fun thing about lockdown is it gives you a lot of time to ponder. And, about almost two months in, when I found myself googling, “does corona make you depressed” and “living alone with mental illness during lockdown”, I knew it was going to be a fun summer. Not that this is my first… Continue reading Sad Girl Summer: Ranking My Depressive Episodes


What I Did Over Summer Break 2020

Did anyone else have to write those terrible “here’s what I did over summer break” short responses when they were young? I feel terrible for all the kids who might be suffering the same fates in this, the Year of Covid-19, when normality as we know it is pretty much gone. Still, in the interest… Continue reading What I Did Over Summer Break 2020


Taylor Swift as Greek Chorus

I am thirteen, squished in the back rows of the bus on the way to middle school, when I hear the song for the first time. We only have two turns left until we park and climb off for another day. I am in the seventh grade. In the mornings, I buy two chocolate chip… Continue reading Taylor Swift as Greek Chorus


Black Literature Matters

A great piece of advice I learned early in my college career was that “every –ism is not a noun but a verb, and we are either constantly doing or undoing that action.” Feminism is an active verb. Classism is too. Most of all, so is racism. In this way, the beliefs and thoughts that… Continue reading Black Literature Matters


As Time Goes By: The End of Semester Albums

Sometimes you don’t decide to form odd traditions and habits; they just happen. Case in point: at the end of every semester of grad school, after surviving another hell-term of life stress, work, and such, I started rewarding myself with CDs. After six semesters of this, I’ve realized that these albums have formed a time… Continue reading As Time Goes By: The End of Semester Albums


My Favorite Songs of the 2010s

Wow, has it been a decade already? So much has happened—not just in terms of my life, but in our musical culture. I mean, I started this decade with an iPod Nano then transitioned to the iPod Classic for several years, then they stopped selling it, and now I’m all cool and using an iPod… Continue reading My Favorite Songs of the 2010s