My MFA Reading List

               Every MFA may be different, but there is a reasonable enough assumption that all anyone in an MFA does is sit around reading the canon and espousing repetitive wisdom that “this is how it has been done and how we must do.” Well, maybe that’s how they did it in the 1800s, but this… Continue reading My MFA Reading List


Is the MFA Useless for Genre Writers?

               If you’re interested in or pondering a Masters of Fine Arts degree but write genre, it can often feel like the odds are stacked against you. This can be disheartening which can then lead to the titular question of this blog—“Is the MFA useless for genre writers?” I’ll do my best, using my experience… Continue reading Is the MFA Useless for Genre Writers?


How to Make an MFA Comps List

  A little over halfway through my MFA degree, the time came to put together a comps list for my degree. This is a major component of the program—one of the must do’s before graduating a certified “writer”—and putting together a list of reading list with your advisor is one of the unique joys of… Continue reading How to Make an MFA Comps List


2019: A New Chapter

  The weird thing about 2018 was that it was the first year I didn’t make my insane list of resolutions. I made my usual GoodReads’ Reading Goal and succeeded, but—other than that—nothing. No promises of weight loss or good grades. No pledges of learning to budget or sending out queries or getting published. In… Continue reading 2019: A New Chapter


Why 2018 Was The Worst

            2018 began with me crying and laughing hysterically in a mini-van loaded up with personal belongings with a passenger window that refused to close as I drove to my mother’s instead of my new place of residence because I was scared someone might break into the van parked on the street and steal said… Continue reading Why 2018 Was The Worst


“Academia Eats Its Young”: Should I Go to Grad School?

*Should I Go to Grad School? is edited by Jessica Loudis, Boško Blagojević, John Arthur Peetz, and Allison Rodman. I’ll begin this review by summing up what is essentially the thesis of this book and the only solid answer to the unanswerable question of whether or not to go to grad school if your work… Continue reading “Academia Eats Its Young”: Should I Go to Grad School?