Black Literature Matters

A great piece of advice I learned early in my college career was that “every –ism is not a noun but a verb, and we are either constantly doing or undoing that action.” Feminism is an active verb. Classism is too. Most of all, so is racism. In this way, the beliefs and thoughts that… Continue reading Black Literature Matters

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Happy Women in Horror Month 2019

  In case you probably didn’t know, February is Women in Horror Month and 2019 happens to be the tenth annual celebration of women’s contributions to the scariest genre around. Generally purported to be a man’s world because ladies shouldn’t play with dead things, there’s a general lack of publicity and knowledge about what women… Continue reading Happy Women in Horror Month 2019


“My Filthy, Dirty Lust”: Nymphomaniac Volume I & II

  WARNING: The following review contains some sexually explicit language and spoilers for the film (although major spoilers are marked at the end). Before watching Nymphomaniac it’s important to know several things: The uncut version of the film is 325 minutes. The ‘cut’ version is 241 minutes. Volume one individually is 145/117 minutes, and volume… Continue reading “My Filthy, Dirty Lust”: Nymphomaniac Volume I & II