My MFA Reading List

               Every MFA may be different, but there is a reasonable enough assumption that all anyone in an MFA does is sit around reading the canon and espousing repetitive wisdom that “this is how it has been done and how we must do.” Well, maybe that’s how they did it in the 1800s, but this… Continue reading My MFA Reading List


10 Tips for Ruthless Revision

            Generally, in my almost fifteen years of experience, I’ve come to discover there are three types of writers. Drafters spend the most time in the development, brainstorming, and first draft stage of a project. Editors focus on the small details in a text, constantly tweaking this word or that. Revisionists, on the other hand,… Continue reading 10 Tips for Ruthless Revision

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Recommendations from the Writing Shelf

I’m proud to say that over the years I’ve acquired a lovely little collection of writing books. It only takes up a single shelf, covers a variety of topics, and gives me inspiration and strength when I need it. Writing books, while not necessary to write, often cover the basics of setting, plot, character development,… Continue reading Recommendations from the Writing Shelf