Shelfie 2022: Vintage & Antique Books

            In January, I shared an updated tour of my bookshelves. While my collection is smaller and a bit more selective than it used to be, I still have a fondness for whatever catches my eye. Often this includes less recent books. Living in a world where classics are available digitally or in a hundred… Continue reading Shelfie 2022: Vintage & Antique Books


Black Literature Matters

A great piece of advice I learned early in my college career was that “every –ism is not a noun but a verb, and we are either constantly doing or undoing that action.” Feminism is an active verb. Classism is too. Most of all, so is racism. In this way, the beliefs and thoughts that… Continue reading Black Literature Matters


My Favorite Books of 2019

    I read 40 books of various sizes, shapes, and genres, but, for the sake of brevity, I’m only going to pick my favorites for this end of year recap. To keep it simple, I’ve come up with some rules: One book per genre. The book need not be published in 2018, but did… Continue reading My Favorite Books of 2019