Autumn Without Academics

            The anxiety of picking the perfect outfit for the first day. Packing your bag multiple times to be sure you have everything you need. Those night-before jitters, and the excitement of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The anticipation of a new year of learning. For almost my entire life, I’ve celebrated back-to-school… Continue reading Autumn Without Academics


Taylor Swift as Greek Chorus

I am thirteen, squished in the back rows of the bus on the way to middle school, when I hear the song for the first time. We only have two turns left until we park and climb off for another day. I am in the seventh grade. In the mornings, I buy two chocolate chip… Continue reading Taylor Swift as Greek Chorus


5 Things to Do Between Classes

Before this semester, I had miraculous survived the experience of having a long break between two classes. The longest time I’d ever had to survive was, at most, an hour and a half during lunchtime. Unfortunately, due to an unavoidable scheduling demand I ended up with a three hour break on Tuesdays from 2:15 to… Continue reading 5 Things to Do Between Classes


Getting My Sh*t Together with The Happy Planner

I’ll be honest—until recently I was terrible at using planners. I loved to have them and maybe I’d be diligent for the first week or two, but then I’d forget or it’d get lost or I’d just lose the willpower to care about tracking every single day. About a year ago, I started following the… Continue reading Getting My Sh*t Together with The Happy Planner


How I Saved $150 on Textbooks This Semester

Let’s face it—it’s super expensive to be a college student in this day and age. Not only do you pay tuition and fees just to attend the classes, but then you have to buy textbooks to even understand the course. Usually, this isn’t too much of a problem for me since the number of books… Continue reading How I Saved $150 on Textbooks This Semester


“Academia Eats Its Young”: Should I Go to Grad School?

*Should I Go to Grad School? is edited by Jessica Loudis, Boško Blagojević, John Arthur Peetz, and Allison Rodman. I’ll begin this review by summing up what is essentially the thesis of this book and the only solid answer to the unanswerable question of whether or not to go to grad school if your work… Continue reading “Academia Eats Its Young”: Should I Go to Grad School?


Where the Magic Happens: An Office Tour

I used to take a desk for granted. I would pile it up with papers, laundry, and junk and most of the time I would use a dining table or make-shift lap desk to do my homework or write. But when I moved out there wasn’t room to take a desk and the dining table… Continue reading Where the Magic Happens: An Office Tour


How to Beat the Best Semester Ever

I’ll be honest and say that I was one of those kids who barely had to try in school. Technically, I was “gifted” and able to absorb the material faster, better, stronger, etc. So I spent a lot of my early academic career day dreaming, reading, and writing, but not really learning. I understood the… Continue reading How to Beat the Best Semester Ever


Spring It On

Yesterday was officially the start of the penultimate chapter of my undergraduate career. And I feel it, because at one point I reminded my mother that I had been here for eight semesters now and the number surprised me. The last four years have all kind of blended into one blobby, English-driven experience. I still… Continue reading Spring It On


2016: Ready, Set, Go!

I’m big on resolutions—always have been—and nothing makes me feel more optimistic and hopeful for the future than sitting down to write them out. This year I composed a rough draft based on old resolutions I either didn’t succeed at or really liked and then added some new ones in. I feel like if I… Continue reading 2016: Ready, Set, Go!