About Me

I’m Karley, a late 20-something writer, reader, and blogger, and I’m here to share my adventures (or lack thereof).

I share housing with a cat named Logan. We live in the Biggest Little City in the World aka Reno, NV.

I earned my MFA from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2020. For 991 days, I detailed what it was like to be a grad student, the occasional highs and many lows, on Twitter. I am blessed and thankful to have been surrounded by a wonderful, strong cohort through that time.

As for my writing? I work on short stories about gendered terrors, the contemporary West, and familial pressure/trauma. My novels have recently been described as “not to be read at night.” I write the occasional script, poem, and academic article, and once undertook the colossal effort of a 200k+-word fan fiction. I’m perhaps best known for my research on shower scenes in horror films.

Other important facts: I’m addicted to having a variety of pajamas, love to cook in my tiny apartment kitchen, enjoy thrift shopping and garage sales, and have never outgrown my adolescent love of vampires.

Welcome to Reading Malone! What do we do here? Well, it’s a bit of everything. I blog about my so-called life and offer advice based on my experiences with dating, adulting, or writing. I review a variety of texts (that’s where the “Reading” part of our title comes in) from books to movies to music. I have a few ongoing columns like What I’m Listening To or My Newest Obsession. And, since 2016, I’ve dedicated October to all things spooky. So, feel free to peruse the archive, explore the tabs, and drop a comment or request.

If what you read here resonates with you, please consider donating to or commissioning me via my Ko-fi. I appreciate any and all support.

For more information on my professional writing and updates, please follow my author site.