What I’m Listening To: March & April 2023

               Already, 2023 has thrown some surprises my way. I knew back in February that I was listening to less music than before, but the past two months has proven that, sometimes, old habits and hobbies can be hard to maintain when you’re building a new life. March saved some releases for a grand finale, and April pattered them throughout. I was lucky enough to see Taylor Swift in Vegas, and—as longtime readers of this segment will know—it was an amazing experience to see one of my favorite artists. 2023 is heading in a new direction; I have to choose how I dedicate my time a little more wisely. With that in mind, going forward, we’ll be grouping months together and changing up our old rules.

               Our new guidelines include: no more than 25-30 tracks in a two-month time period, only one track per artist (not including features), and no more than three songs from a compilation album. Songs that don’t make the final cut are still eligible for the Honorable Mention list at the end of the year. In March and April, I had to narrow down from less than fifty ‘Liked’ songs on Spotify. Songs marked with an asterisk* are old favorites and may not qualify for my top list of the year.

So, what made the cut?

  1. “lonely bitch” by Bea Miller ~ I was just tryin’ to have a good time
  2. “Diet Culture” by Brye ~ And I know their worst fear is to look like me
  3. “Novels About Vampires” by Candi Carpenter ~ I wanted a beautiful dead boy to fly up to my window
  4. “Lucky Girl” by Carlina ~ Good things are coming my way
  5. “if I were a fish” by corook feat. Olivia Barton ~ Can’t believe that you caught one
  6. “Mermaids” by Florence + The Machine   ~  And hugging girls that smelt like Britney Spears and coconuts
  7. “Coast” by Hailee Steinfeld feat. Anderson .Paak ~ Relax and let the riptide pull you close
  8. “Below the Surface” by Griffinilla ~ You’ll be the one to save us
  9. “Eat Your Young” by Hozier ~ Let me wrap my teeth around the world
  10. “The Daughter That My Mother Wanted” by Jules Paymer feat. Miki Ratsula ~ She’s like me but she’s dishonest
  11. “Moonlight” by Kali Uchis ~ Veo una muñeca cuando miro en el espejo
  12. “Music Box” by Leith Ross ~ There is a forest with no trees
  13. “Strawberry Wine” by Lemondrop ~ So I wait around while you don’t call me “mine”
  14. “If We Ever Broke Up” by Mae Stephens ~ Then pack up your drama
  15. “GASOLINE” by Måneskin ~ Playing God with your heart of stone
  16. “NYMPHOLOGY” by Melanie Martinez ~ Damaged oddity bought by Sotherby’s
  17. “Muddy Feet” by Miley Cyrus feat. Sia ~ You smell like perfume that I didn’t purchase
  18. “The Alcott” by The National feat. Taylor Swift ~ Everything that’s mine is a landmine
  19. “Labour” by Paris Paloma ~ Twenty-four-seven baby machine / So he can live out his picket fence dreams
  20. “I Like You (A Happier Song)” by Post Malone with Doja Cat ~ But I need a good girl, I need someone to ground me
  21. “Nonsense” by Sabrina Carpenter* ~ I think I got an ex but I forgot him
  22. “18+” by Scene Queen ~ I’ll go full ice pick lobotomy / If I see one more notes app apology
  23. “CVNT” by Sophie Hunter ~ Right now, I am being mentioned in therapy sessions
  24. “All Of The Girls You Loved Before” by Taylor Swift ~ Teenage love taught you there’s good in goodbye
  25. “Dumbest Girl Alive” by 100 gecs ~ I took ten Advils today

Over the past two months, a good chunk of my time has been spent listening to work radio, which is composed of the hits of yesterday, today, and random soundtrack picks. Surprisingly, I listened to four seasons of The Magnus Archives in April and I’m savoring the last season. Timewise, yes, I spent about eighty hours with this fictional podcast when I could have been listening to new albums or discovering more songs. I don’t regret a second.

My predictions for May and June include warm, sunny songs with infectious beats. Usually around this time of year I start listening to more country so some of that too. We’ll have new tracks and albums for old favorites, and (hopefully) more discoveries ahead. This isn’t the end of What I’m Listening To, but an adaptation for how my life is changing.

               You can find the ongoing What I’m Listening To in 2023 playlist here.