What I’m Listening To: February 2023


(Yes, this post is fifteen days past schedule. Life happens).

February did not go quite to plan. Now that I’ve settled into a new schedule, the time I usually spent for discovering new tracks or listening to songs on repeat has been lessened. Instead, a good chunk of my days is full of the same work radio full of hits of yesterday, the occasional Disney track, and plenty of Taylor Swift. More so than singles, February brought a few albums that I dove into and relished. I wanted more love songs, but stuck with the same sad, heartbreak tunes that I normally enjoy. Overall, it was more difficult than usual to put together this list.

               Even my rules didn’t quite help: no more than 20 tracks in a month, only one track per artist (not including features), and no more than three songs from a compilation album. In February, I had to narrow down from less than thirty ‘Liked’ songs on Spotify. Songs marked with an asterisk* are old favorites and may not qualify for my top list of the year.

               What made our playlist?

  1. “in my head” by Ariana Grande* ~ Falling, falling, boy, I thought that you would need me
  2. “You Make Me Sick!” by Ashnikko ~ Go find another bitch to hoover, count the days until you lose her
  3. “Wish You Were Sober” by Conan Gray ~ Nineteen, but you act twenty-five now
  4. “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child* ~ Can you pay the bills?
  5. “Heartbreak Feels So Good” by Fall Out Boy ~ Is there a word for “bad miracle”?
  6. “bad idea!” by girl in red* ~ “Darling, you’re so pretty, it hurts”
  7. “Die 4 Me” by Halsey ~ I sold forty million copies of our break-up note
  8. “お先に失礼します。” by 花冷え。~  ペコペコちゃん とする
  9.  “Off My Mind” by Joe P. featuring K. Flay ~ I still put my hand around the headrest in my Honda Accord
  10. “Just Married” by Kelsea Ballerini ~ Tired of asking when I’ll see you next
  11. “ceilings” by Lizzy McAlpine* ~ Lovely to just lay here with you
  12. “Put Me in a Movie” by Luc1pud ~ You’re my little sparkle
  13. “Good Enough” by Maisie Peters ~ What do you do when the good guys change their mind?
  14. “BABY SAID” by Måneskin ~ “Let me taste your silhouette”
  15. “Thick Skull” by Paramore ~ Only I know where all the bodies are buried
  16. “Me and the Devil” by Soap&Skin ~ You may bury my body / Down by the highway side
  17. “cardigan” by Taylor Swift* ~ When you are young, they assume you know nothing
  18. “Shoot Tequila” by Tigirlily Gold ~ If I had a little sense I would’ve stopped at four / ‘Stead of cursing your name on the bathroom floor
  19. “Borderline” by Tove Lo ~ I like to push you to the edge as long as you say you’re mine
  20. “Teeth” by 5 Seconds of Summer* ~ Fight so dirty, but you love so sweet

Compared to January I listened to more albums. RUSH! by Måneskin is already a contender for one of my favorite albums of the year. Paramore’s This Is Why feels like a delightful blend of their older material and newer vibes from After Laughter. Kelsea Ballerini’s searing EP, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, brought the feels. Additionally, I’ve fallen into the habit of listening to thank u, next while getting ready for work.

My predictions for February were mostly off, although I did find some angry and lashing music to enjoy. I do know March will bring lots of Taylor Swift in my direction. Maybe more Midwest emo or something country. I’m sure TikTok will influence me somewhere.

Until then, you can find the ongoing What I’m Listening To in 2023 here.

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