What I’m Listening To: July 2022

               July not only brought the heat, but also a fine selection of music. I listened to jazz and classic rock while writing. Pop and alt rock kept me company while cooking or driving. Soundtracks and scores made me love their films and series more. Maybe it was too hot for midnight dance parties, but scream-singing with your car’s air conditioning at full blast is underrated. Overall, this was a great month for music, and it was hard to narrow down my selections from several albums (both old and new) and over 40 new ‘Likes’ on Spotify during July.

               Luckily we a guideline: no more than 20 songs per month, no more than 1 song per artist (not counting features), and no more than 3 songs per compilation album. At the end of the year, only songs from each of these monthly lists will be eligible for the Best Of list. Songs marked with an asterisk* are old favorites, and won’t qualify for my annual list. (We can’t underestimate the power of a good throwback). We’re over halfway through 2022, and I’m already tallying which tunes will make it to the Top 50.

               Will July include a top song for the year?

  1. “Anthonio – Berlin Breakdown Version Remastered” by Annie ~ Was I ever more than just a face in the crowd?
  2. “Angry Woman” by Ashe ~ Oh, what a shame my tongue’s not tied
  3. “Weeds” by Beach Bunny ~ The problem is you think you’re only viable for love / When someone makes you feel complete
  4. “The 30th” by Billie Eilish ~ If you’d changed anything, would you not have survived? / You’re alive, you’re alive, you’re alive
  5. “My Kink is Karma” by Chappell Roan ~ People say I’m jealous, but my kink is watching / You crashing your car, you breaking your heart, you thinking I care
  6. “Plane Crash” by Craig Wedren, Anna Waronker, and Theodore Shapiro from Yellowjackets ~ Instrumental
  7. “Late To The Party” by Emei ~ What are we all rushing for?
  8. “Them” by FLAVIA ~ Just teach before you touch
  9. “Becky’s So Hot” by FLETCHER ~ Are you in love like we were?
  10. “Chrissy, Wake Up” by The Gregory Brothers ~ I don’t like this
  11. “Friendly Fire” by Holly Humberstone ~ We just gave up reading the signs
  12. “Praying” by Kesha* ~ And we both know all the truth I could tell
  13. “Birthday Girl” by Lizzo ~ I started from the bottom with my hoes
  14. “You Might Not Like Her” by Maddie Zahn ~ And talk about your traumas and like the body you live in
  15. “Loved You a Little” by The Maine feat. Taking Back Sunday and Charlotte Sands ~ And what made you think that what we had was love?
  16. “SUPERMODEL” by Måneskin ~ When you’re not looking, she’s stealing your Basquiat
  17. “Stick Season” by Noah Kahan ~ And I’ll dream each night of some version of you / That I might not have, but I did not lose
  18. “marjorie” by Taylor Swift* ~ I should’ve asked you how to be
  19. “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham ~ I’m losing my mind, everything’s fine
  20. “夜に駆ける” by YOASOBI ~ がむしゃらに差し伸べた僕の手を振り払う君

               In addition to many of the jazz and classic rock albums from last month, I also listened to Lizzo’s Special, Conan Gray’s Superache, and the score for Yellowjackets. I have plenty to catch up on or discover in August, and I’m predicting nothing. My current WIP may lead to more early 2000s jams, but I wouldn’t count on those making the list. July was a great month for music and I hope August will be even better.

               As usual, you can find the complete What I’m Listening To in 2022 playlist here.

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