My First Official Publication

               I’m excited to finally share 2022’s issue of The Meadow, along with the news that I have my first official publication within its pages. I’ve been sitting on this acceptance since January(!) but am thrilled to see how it’s all come together under the editors’ hands and all of the amazing names and works I share this journal with.

               I know some people actually follow me for writing tips, tricks, and career advice. Honestly, that age old “don’t give up” is true. I’ve been submitting works to journals, magazines, and anthologies since 2015. I’ve never been as prolific as some of my peers at sending out work and staying on top of the submission process. However, as time has gone on, the number of personalized rejections and requests for more work has increased. (It also helps that I submit in both fiction and poetry). I’ve developed a laissez faire attitude about rejection because of this. I expect it. Anything else exceeds my expectations.

               I find it a little funny that for all my goals growing up or my desires, I am better at submitting conference abstracts and presenting research than anything else. Even though my MFA is in fiction, here I am with a poem I wrote during independent study in 2020 as my first publication. You can find “Fiori de Como” on page 95, but I recommend spending an afternoon with the many other works. Follow the link here for the digital copy; hard copies will be available in the Reno-Sparks area at a later date this year.

               Thanks for joining me on this journey. This is one step among many.

7 thoughts on “My First Official Publication

  1. Congratulations! The poem is beautiful; looking forward to finding my copy of The Meadow around town.

    Love this: “shades of colors to deep / for new beginnings.”