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I Talk on Film at Fifty

            If you’re looking for a taste of OcTerror in June, I have a treat for you. I had a great opportunity to guest on Brian Rowe’s podcast Film at Fifty, where he observes semicentennial movies. We talked about 1972’s Night of the Lepus, Janet Leigh, and the magic of horror—for almost two hours! This is further proof if you give me a microphone and a topic, I can wax poetic about my favorite genre for hours.

            It was such a cool experience to chat about my favorite horror films, Wes Craven, and animal horror among other things. Even though I was a bit nervous at first, it was mostly like having one of the geekiest conversations about horror I’ve been allowed to have with someone who also loves spooky things. As far as first experiences go, this was a great one and I’ve discovered a newfound taste for podcasting (on the other side of the headphones). I hope to share further opportunities with you here on Reading Malone.

            You can find this episode of Film at Fifty (and more):