What I’m Listening To: 2021 Honorable Mentions

            This has been my first full year of doing What I’m Listening To and, as many know, I committed early on to a series of rules to control what could be a list of every given song I enjoyed in a month. However, in cutting down each month to 20 songs, I’ve found that a lot of good tracks get lost in the mix. They may not quite roll over to the next month or I may not listen to them continually, but there’s a genuine fondness for the sound, the artist, the lyrics, or the quality that demands some level of attention. With that in mind, I’m establishing an honorable mention list.

            We still have rules (because it’s me): no more than 20 songs, no more than 1 song per artist (not including features), and no more than 3 songs per compilation album. Additionally, the artist could previously appear on WILT as long as the particular track hasn’t. Each song will be marked with the month it first appeared in my ‘Likes’ to indicate its longevity. Only a limited number of songs from this playlist will qualify for my Best Of mix (because we’re being fair here).  My music, as always, is culminated from Spotify, recommendations from friends, other music platforms (such as YouTube), and devotion to some of my favorite artists and the content they put out.

            So, who didn’t get the attention they deserved?

  1. “Deal With It” by Ashnikko feat. Kelis ~ January ~ I don’t have the time to pretend you’re funny
  2. “1 Last Cigarette” by The Band CAMINO ~ March ~ I try, I try to get my mind right / But it never gets much clearer
  3. “I Eat Boys” by chloe moriondo ~ April ~ So you won’t notice ’til I’m under your skin
  4. “CHICKEN TENDIES” by Clinton Kane ~ April ~ I hope he treats you better than I ever could
  5. “Get Into It (Yuh)” by Doja Cat ~ August ~ Get me out my zone, I’m just talking comfort, shawty
  6. “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” by Elle King and Miranda Lambert ~ March ~ You like my gin and tonic kisses, ’cause you know they taste so sweet
  7. “SHUM” by Go_A ~ June ~ Я тобі співаю весняночку
  8. “Bechdel Test” by Isabel Press ~ September ~ I’ve been googling the best manifestation techniques
  9. “So So Sick” by Joyce Wrice ~ January ~ Give ’em all the love that you could’ve had
  10. “Left for Dead” by Kiki Rockwell ~ October ~ Heart full of love / And a belly full of lead
  11. “Two Week Notice” by Leanna Firestone ~ October ~ I was never any good at loss prevention
  12. “Woman” by Little Simz feat. Cleo Sol ~ May ~ He was getting bitter while she was getting better
  13. “Show Me How” by Men I Trust ~ November ~ The friend I’m dreaming of is far away
  14. “death wish” by ROLE MODEL ~ October ~ It’s always back home where the monsters lay
  15. “Remember That Night?” by Sara Keys ~ March ~ How long I had to fight to be living my life
  16. “when was it over?” by Sasha Alex Sloan feat. Sam Hunt ~ April ~ So, was it ever real or was it all pretend?
  17. “I Do” by Wild Rivers ~ June ~ It’s just an old habit, I don’t gotta kick
  18. “CVS” by Winnetka Bowling League ~ April ~ Kiss you too hard and follow you west
  19. “NO BRA!” by YAYOI DAIMON and AKKOGORILLA ~ May ~ やだなどこもブラ高い 今日からもはや無駄遣い
  20. “cotton candy” by YUNGBLUD ~ January ~ There’s somethin’ about the way our bedsheets turn religion upside down

If anything, the honorable mentions list showcases the variety of music I listen to on a wider scope since I tend to fall into genre holes and moods on the monthly. When smooshed together like this the absurdity of my tastes is a bit more present. Still, if I like it I like it. This has been a great year overall for music and even the songs that don’t make the final cut deserve more than a little love. I’m curious to see what becomes an honorable mention in 2022.

Until then, we can enjoy the complete What I’m Listening To in 2021 playlist here.