My Newest Obsession: Peter Alexander Pajamas

               To be honest, this isn’t a new obsession, per say, but rather that I’m obsessed with one of the newer collections from this Australian designer. For most of my life, I’ve loved having a variety of comfortable and cute pajamas to wear—from big t-shirts and sleep pants to cute matching sets or flannels in the winter. I even went through a nightgown phase for a bit. So, it was a natural meet-cute when, on my first trip to New Zealand in 2012, I discovered Peter Alexander pajamas. My first purchase from the brand was a pair of blue capri bottoms with coffee cups on them. It’s only escalated since then.

               America, overall, doesn’t really have companies with physical storefronts that cater specifically to pajamas and loungewear. Soma and Victoria’s Secret may sell these products in addition to their main draw, but it’s not their primary market. And, let’s be honest, stripes and florals only go so far in terms of cute or cool. Often, for the discerning pajama enthusiast, finding prints you enjoy may mean less forgiving cuts or weird fabrics. Peter Alexander, overall, hasn’t disappointed me yet.

               The drawback, of course, is that it’s really only in New Zealand and Australia. So I have to either wait for trips south or hope I’m being sent pajamas in my care packages from my family. Luckily, they know me and this has happened more often than not. This is how I’ve ended up—over the last nine years—with a nice collection of Peter Alexander pajamas. And I’ve kept them all.

               I have a set and top from the Harry Potter collection, bottoms with Disney princes lined up like trophy husbands, Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 4 flannels for colder weather, a Stormtrooper top, New Zealand Christmas pajamas with kiwis on them, and the necessary wiener dog shorts. Along with my other non-Alexander pajamas, it’s led to quite the storage situation. The pajamas I’ve had the longest have held up remarkably well compared to others I’ve bought more recently so the material and make is quality. While most of the designs in my personal collection are related to pop culture, the brand also carries more neutral pajamas, other fun ones (they had a Vegemite collection, another for breakfast cereals, and more for pets or local Aussie/Kiwi culture). The variety and ever-changing choice keeps this a brand that feels consistent yet fresh.

               Additionally, it’s one of the few companies I actually choose to follow on social media so I can see what’s coming out, even if I’m unable to buy. So, when the collection based on Disney’s Fantasia popped on my feed, I immediately sent it to my contacts because sometimes they appreciate nudges for birthdays or Christmas ahead of time. Not only is this one of my favorite movies, but I love how the designs don’t just favor “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” segment, which is the most famous. And, unlike other brands, they offer almost all of the same designs in straight and plus sizes rather than giving separate options—so everyone can look good at any size. If anything, this collection has reignited my passion and obsession with the brand, which explains why I’m writing this.

               If you ever have a chance to visit New Zealand or Australia and find yourself in search of comfortable and fun pajamas then I’d recommend visiting a Peter Alexander store. It will be a unique experience in more than a few ways. They are more on the luxury side so it’s better to shop clearance or find an outlet if you’re looking for affordability (or save up), but it is worth it. If I can still wear pajama bottoms I bought nine years ago with no holes then that is a high recommendation; many of my other pairs cannot say the same. Plus, if you love pop culture like Disney, Harry Potter, or Friends then this is a great place to find cute and fashionable sleepwear. (And they also have Halloween pajamas which have now turned into my holy grail, but that’s a bonus).

               Maybe it’s a good thing Peter Alexander is so far away. I don’t have near enough money or space for this obsession.