What I’m Listening To: April 2021

            This month I’m grateful that I’ve established a monthly limit on song choices. Otherwise, April would be overflowing with a literal bounty of the music I discovered this month. Instead I had to curate the list down to our expected 20 and really think about which songs I listened to over and over again or which ones resonated most with me even over less listens (more time does not mean more impact). Some of the lyrics still lean toward depressed moodiness but there’s also the slow merge to a mellow summer vibe like a slow and hot day. We have some of the usual Top 20 Hits of Today as well as a few indie darlings and, maybe unexpectedly, almost a quarter of the list is artists from New Zealand or Australia. Plus I rediscovered Patty Loveless and jammed hard.

            Our usual rules are in effect (thankfully): no more than 20 songs per month, no more than 1 song per artist (not counting features), and no more than 3 songs per compilation album. At the end of the year, only songs from each of these monthly lists will be eligible for the Best Of list. My music, as always, is culminated from Spotify, recommendations from friends, other music platforms, and devotion to some of my favorite artists and the content they put out.

            Let’s listen and appreciate April…

  1. “Space” by AUDREY NUNA ~ Sick of the cinema, I’m burning Hollywood
  2.  “Unsolicited Contact” by Cassie Dasilva ~ Little late to want me back
  3. “Sushi in Tokyo” by DVNA ~ I play the cards I deal and I won’t quit but how did I get myself here
  4. “Her Eyes (Remix)” by Fame on Fire ~ I can save you, if you let me try
  5. “summer depression” by girl in red ~ I wanna stay home, never go outside
  6. “Friends Like This” by Hey Violet ~ Might start a cult / That could be sick
  7. “Haunted House” by Holly Humberstone ~ Dirty knees and honey bees
  8. “All Your Exes” by Julia Michaels ~ Like you were waiting for me to be the first thing you fall for
  9. “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X ~ If Eve ain’t in your garden, you know that you can / Call me when you want, call me when you need
  10. “Déjà vu” by Olivia Rodrigo ~ Play her piano, but she doesn’t know (oh, oh) / That I was the one who taught you Billy Joel (oh)
  11. “I Try to Think About Elvis” by Patty Loveless ~ I try to contemplate the cosmos
  12. “You Belong to Somebody Else” by PJ Harding & Noah Cyrus ~ It’s easier to let a heart wait than make a heart break for you
  13. “Choke” by Royal & the Serpent ~ Too bad you can’t leave yourself
  14. “Leave the Door Open” by Silk Sonic ~ And if you’re hungry, girl, I got filets (Woo)
  15.  “Moon & Back” by Sloan Peterson ~ Shooting for the stars, can you handle that?
  16. “Sad Girl Summer” by smol fish ~ Puffy sleeves and puffy eyes / I miss the Clancy from July / ‘cause she seemed more on track / I really need her back
  17. “Something for Your M.I.N.D.” by Superorganism ~ Mama needs food, how about a barbecue?
  18. “Bye Bye Baby” by Taylor Swift ~ And all the pages are just slipping through my hands
  19. “Juice and Lemonade” by Waazzoo and the Vibes ~ Call the crew for the rendezvous
  20. “chocolate” by Ziggy Alberts ~ I need more time off with you

            I also listened to three albums a few times (or more this month): The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Ms. Lauryn Hill, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift, and searching for freedom by Ziggy Alberts. With my usual mix of playlists and other random albums, the variety of songs and choice made it harder than usual to compose this list but made it a month full of great music.

            Since my predictions were once again correct, I’m guessing May will bring some dance vibes, maybe country, and perhaps some R&B. Something that’s the perfect mix of celebratory and relaxing as an overall mix. We have new albums to look forward to and singles to obsess over. It can only get better!