What I’m Listening To: March 2021

               If February’s music reflected emotional highs then March’s will definitely reflect emotional lows. Earlier in the pandemic I kept waiting for that regression to the “teenage angst emo phase” that everyone else was referencing but it never really happened. Until now. So, yes, I listened to some of the old hits from 2005-2012 but you won’t find them here because I was more taken in by how recent artists are expressing their ennui and pain. I also listened to country, particularly while cleaning – that’s what I do. The songs of March may have catchy beats and rhythms but lyrically they express violence, harmful ideation, loneliness, and plenty of sadness to go around. This is exactly what I needed to get me through the last stretch of winter and into spring.

               With that in mind our usual rules apply here: no more than 20 songs per month, no more than 1 song per artist (not counting features), and no more than 3 songs per compilation album. At the end of the year, only songs from each of these monthly lists will be eligible for the Best Of list. My music, as always, is culminated from Spotify, recommendations from friends, other music platforms, and devotion to some of my favorite artists and the content they put out.

               Let’s get into our feels then…

  1. “Til Forever Falls Apart” by Ashe and Finneas ~ If the tide takes California / I’m so glad I got to hold ya
  2. “violent” by carolesdaughter ~ Petals off of flowers, did you ever really love me?
  3. “serotonin” by girl in red ~ Intrusive thoughts like cutting my hands off
  4. “Addict” by Hope D ~ They say I’m addicted to the chips I can’t eat
  5. “Waste of Lime” by Ingrid Andress ~ Left me and this tequila high and dry
  6. “Sunscreen” by Ira Wolf ~ I want someone / Who listens when they’ve heard the story
  7. “driver’s license” by jxdn ~ And all my friends are tired of hearing how much I miss you
  8. “Lovely” by Lauren Babic feat. Seraphim ~ Heart made of glass, my mind of stone
  9. “Fuck Up the Friendship” by Leah Kate ~ When you’re close to me, I can’t breathe
  10. “Apple Pie” by Lizzy McAlpine ~ Some day we can be in the same city
  11. “forget me too” by Machine Gun Kelly feat. Halsey ~ It’s an emotional kaleidoscope when I face you
  12. “la di die” by Nessa Barrett feat. jxdn ~ I’ll be dead at twenty-seven / Only nine more years to go
  13. “Murder Party” by NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS ~ You don’t think I will, but I’ll go Kill Bill
  14. “I Know the End” by Phoebe Bridgers ~ Windows down, scream along / To some America first rap, country song
  15. “Dear August” by PJ Harding and Noah Cyrus ~ Dear August, tell me that there’s light / At the end of all this starless night
  16. “Stand by Your Man” by Tammy Wynette ~ You’ll have bad times, and he’ll have good times
  17. “champagne problems” by Taylor Swift ~ “She would’ve made such a lovely bride / What a shame she’s fucked in her head, ” they said
  18. “Like 1999” by Valley ~ Let’s go back before 2000 / Back before our love was so distracted
  19. “Villain” by Wolf ~ Pyrokinesis my mind only fire
  20. “parents” by YUNGBLUD ~ They told me casual affection leads to sexual infection

               I’m still listening to the Self-Love Fix podcast, and a lot of this music was curated from the Pop Sauce and Pop EDGE playlists on Spotify. Additionally, I usually check-in to see what Australia and New Zealand are listening to since, over the years, I’ve found their sound and artists suit my tastes. A bit of musical traveling can be a good idea (especially when you’re stuck at home).

               It seems as if last month’s predictions were somewhat correct for March so I’ll try again. For April, I’m guessing the dark pop might continue, we will definitely be on a Taylor Swift high, and I also predict brighter, summery tunes (perhaps of the country or indie genre). We’ll just have to wait and see what comes over the radio waves – see you then!