Deck the Halls: Christmas 2020 Home Décor

For almost as long as I can remember, Christmas has been full of decorations. Perhaps not always in the way people have expected – I’ve never had a house with pretty lights – but usually in a way that captures the spirit of the season and makes things feel homey. When I moved out of my parents, celebrating the holidays became a bit of a transitory period for a time, but now that I’m able to decorate my own space how I want it’s become a nice nest of noel. Growing up, my grandma always did Christmas to the nines: a huge tree, decorations in almost every room, seasonal bits and bobs of every kind. It was her favorite holiday and I loved walking into her house and seeing how she’d changed things. So, in the same spirit of the Kodak pictures of her house every year, I’ve decided to share how I decked my halls in 2020.

I mean, you have to begin with the tree, right? In 2016 and 2018, I was able to put up a full-sized tree, but when I bought my couch I wasn’t sure how to space things out in the apartment. So a mini-tree was the answer! I do have different sets of ornaments and lights, but I’ve gone with a “white girl wasted/ho-ho-holidays” theme the past two years because I’m a single twenty-something. Most of the ornaments and the tree itself are from Target, as is my big deer friend (which I leave out year round). The “Shake for a Cocktail” snow globe and pink glass tree are from Homegoods, as is the little bowl holding my delicious candy.

I love decorating the entertainment center for Christmas, because it’s obviously something I look at or am around often enough (especially in 2020). The pink yarn tree is from Homegoods and I love how soft it is; the green bottlebrush is from Target. The pom-pom garland, Christmas countdown, and floral décor are all from Michael’s. I think I’m probably doing to leave the garland up for a while because it doesn’t scream “Christmas!” and the colors make me happy. The Christmas countdown, on the other hand, was kind of a bust. I’ve been looking for one for years and I really like the design; however, it doesn’t have all the number combinations necessary, unless you’re counting down from a reasonable date away. In a non-depressing year, though, I probably only need the last twenty so it’ll be fine.

Is anyone else a sucker for Christmas pillows? I really had to stop myself from buying more because I already have a few and I don’t have room to store more. “Sleigh Girl Sleigh” is a great play on words, from Homegoods, and the cats love to sit on it because it’s cozy. The village pillow is pretty big, but so cute and I negotiated with myself on it several times last year before buying it from Target. Betty Boop came from my Grandma’s. The riff on the Spice Girl’s “Wannabe” is from Michael’s, and I just love it. I changed my letterboard sign for the season and used a scene from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (and 2020) as inspiration.

The possibilities of decorating my hallway are endless now. I bought a few garlands on sale at Michael’s and strung them across the space, and may leave them up (I’m short, not a problem). The wreath is from Walmart, and has a proud tradition between my best friend M and I because we named it Awreatha. It reminds me to demand respect. The fabric tree is one of the few handmade décor pieces I have, and it was actually our tree in 2017 when we were moving. The heart ornament is from New Zealand and was a gift on my first visit. Plus, I’ve now reached the age where I like having holiday cards on display. It reminds me of all the people who have made this year and all the years before wonderful, and makes the social distance feel a little smaller.

I even have a bit of décor in the bathroom. I grew up with a clear plastic shower curtain of Santa bathing and, for some reason, it always stuck in my head that having a Christmas shower curtain was the peak. But I’m also picky and didn’t find one I liked until last year at Homegoods. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a thing for deer. The little “Home Sweet Home” bath rug is from Target. The sign and hand towel are also from Homegoods, because it’s obviously my favorite store.

Lastly, my bedroom doesn’t have much Christmas in it, but what’s there does bring me joy. I really loved people jumping off of the whole green-red trend and incorporating other color schemes into their homes for the holidays, and I tried to bring more pastels into mine. Luckily, I was able to grab a whole little forest of pink bottlebrush trees from Target before they sold out this year, as well as the vintage-looking light-up tree. The mint green deer is from Homegoods, and I found one of the few that wasn’t quite wonky. The candleholder was a gift, and I’ve been using it to hold all my seasonal favorites.

My bed is layered with Christmas goodies. The blanket at the bottom is a newer find from Homegoods, and the throw pillow is an older one. The “Fa La La” pillowcases are from World Market, the flannel snowflake sheets were a gift, and the poinsettia pillowcase was a handmade gift years ago (with my name embroidered on it) that I’ve loved every year. Lastly, even without my big tree, I make sure to put out the ornaments I bought to remember my grandparents: a tractor for my grandpa who farmed and then worked the more bureaucratic aspects of agriculture, and a Coke for my grandma who drank them as long as I knew her. In this way, they’re a part of my Christmas every year.

I hope your home, decorated or not, brings warmth, love, and joy to your holidays.

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