27 Wishes for the Next 27 Years

            Today is my 27th birthday. Which, overall, is an unremarkable number. It does not grant me any unique abilities I didn’t have before or lose me anything I possessed and it’s not a milestone number. It just is. However, with the relative difficulty of the past year in terms of ending one chapter of my life and beginning a new one in the midst of a pandemic, I think I’d like to set some goals for the future.

            I know it can be hard to be optimistic right now with the way the world is; it’s hard to know if survival is even a guarantee, especially in the long-term. And sometimes focusing on Big Goals can be disheartening when your life feels like it’s standing still. So this year I’m picking small, achievable wishes for the future—things I could make happen by myself (or even better with others) that don’t necessarily require the perfect life, or for things to be just-so before they can happen. Some of them are from a Bucket List I put together a few years ago and others are ones I’ve been thinking of, miss doing, or would like to do when the world is a little bit of a safer place.

            So here’s to 27, the year ahead, and working my way through this list (in no particular order):

  1. Put my feet in the ocean again.
  2. Go to IKEA by myself and spend as much time as I want looking at things.
  3. Perform karaoke (drunk or sober).
  4. Sleep on a trampoline.
  5. Have a drink, gamble a little, and eat something absolutely sinful in Las Vegas.
  6. Go to a wine tasting (preferably at a vineyard!).
  7. Visit a lavender farm.
  8. Have a picnic in a beautiful place.
  9. Host a dinner party.
  10. Perfect a signature dish.
  11. Learn how to grill.
  12. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
  13. Get more tattoos.
  14. Adopt a black cat.
  15. Go to a Halloween party of some kind – it’s been too long!
  16. Watch 666 horror movies (at least). 
  17. Go on a road trip to a place I’ve never been.
  18. Spend an entire day at a fancy spa.
  19. Have a purple island in my kitchen eventually.
  20. Collect miniature spoons and magnets from different places.
  21. Have an all-night movie marathon with someone I care about.
  22. Go apple picking.
  23. Make a room-size blanket fort.
  24. Eat at an expensive restaurant while wearing a very nice dress.
  25. Visit Crater Lake and/or the Grand Canyon.
  26. Spend an entire afternoon at Powell’s Books in Portland.
  27. Try something new every year.

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