What I’m Listening To: July 2020


In June I brought back an old ‘column’ of mine with the hope that it would help me keep track and share my favorite songs every month. I can’t say “What I’m Listening To” (or WILT) was popular in its YouTube format, but it did have enough view to keep me invested. Whether or not this garners the same attention, it will help me in the long run and I’m not one to turn away from the opportunity to create lists. So, with that in mind, let’s move ahead!

July was certainly a gift when it came to music—new albums from some of my longtime favorites and great discoveries for other songs and artists. Compared to June, I’ve been listening to a bit more of the same on repeat (which I’ll note). As always, my music is spread across my personal collection (iPod), Spotify, YouTube, and various other apps and devices. If I were being totally honest I’d probably have more than one song by the same artists, but I’m applying the same rules as my annual lists here.

Check out what July gave me!

  • “Sweating” by Alewya. ~ My freak feels safe in your arms right now
  • “Daisy” by Ashnikko. ~ I’m no Cinderella, but I like the shoes
  • “30” by Badflower. ~ So raise up your glasses to going out of fashion
  • “Tights on My Boat” by The Chicks. ~ I hope you never find a sock to match the other one
  • “What’s My Name” by China Anne Mclain, Thomas Doherty, and Dylan Playfair from Descendants 2. ~ Never learned how to count ‘cause I’m number one
  • “Tamale” by Daniela Andrade. ~ I get what I’m givin’, get what I deserve, ah
  • “You’ll Be Back” by Jonathan Groff from Hamilton. ~ The price of my love’s not a price that you’re willing to pay
  • “Fairplay” by Kiana Ledé. ~ How you like that karma?
  • “No Me Toques Mal” by La Muchacha featuring Santiago Navas. ~ Y soy una bruja rebelde que ya no se traga el olivido
  • “Bathroom Floor” by Maddie & Tae. ~ Let’s show that heart some neon magic
  • “Sad Girl Summer” by Maisie Peters. ~ No one has to dance on their own
  • “Bra Off” by Raelynn. ~ Breaking up with you was like taking my bra off
  • “at least I look cool” by Sasha Sloan. ~ And when I pay my rent it hurts
  • “I Know What You Did Last Summer” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. ~ Am I just hanging on to all the words she used to say?
  • “How I Do It” by Snow Tha Product. ~ I won’t consider myself anybody till Mexicans ain’t gotta work as the maid
  • “illicit affairs” by Taylor Swift. ~ Leave the perfume on the shelf that you picked out just for him
  • “People I Don’t Like” by UPSAHL. ~ Take a shot with a fake smile to chase it
  • “Killer” by Valerie Brousard. ~ ‘Cause my tongue is sharper than a switchblade

This month I listened to a lot of Ashnikko (picking just one song was hard!), and played The Chicks’ Gaslighter and Taylor Swift’s folklore on repeat, continuously, forever. Obviously, I leaned more into female vocals, but, otherwise, there’s a relatively diverse amount of genre and sound. We’re over halfway through the summer now, winding down into the fall, and I’m already looking forward to chill indie hits, moody vibes, and dark sounds. Until then, I’ll see what August brings my way.