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Reading Malone Shelfie Update: January 2017

When The Captain and I first moved into the Haus in October 2014, I was limited to a single bookshelf. Having to choose between my books and decide which ones would stay at my Mom’s and which ones would go with was the hardest part of the entire move. Luckily, two years later, The Captain and I have upgraded to three BILLY bookshelves courtesy of Ikea and have room for some of my old books and new ones too! With my rededication to this blog and all that it stands for, I’m happy to say that there will be a greater variety of reviews, more shelfies, and an end-of-the-year wrap up list for the best book in several categories.


A new beginning requires an update on my shelves since the last picture came from the time I organized them by color. Since last year, The Captain and I have been organizing our shelves by category and then height and I love the way that they look. We have almost an entire shelf of classic books, several sections of paperback fiction, a couple of shelves of nonfiction, and a bigger area of hardback fiction. Since most of the series are about the same height they’re able to be kept together, and I’m pretty satisfied each time I grab a book off of the shelf.

However, we’ve already run out of room—oops!—and will probably bring over an old bookshelf to give more breathing room to our growing and beautiful collection. Stay tuned for more reviews and shelfies, and feel free to make suggestions or comment on the books.

Keep reading, kids.