Where We Lay Our Heads: A Room Tour


As I mentioned back in May, The Captain and I moved downstairs into the master bedroom of The Haus which is bigger, better, and gives us our own bathroom. Always up for another chance to redecorate, I planned the layout and we bought some new things to spruce up what we’ve come to realize is our first real room. Sure, the upstairs was nice and all, but there’s a big difference between having a bed shoved up against a wall and having space to enjoy a relationship. It’s been great, but there have been some struggles along the way.

I love how our room is painted and it took some jumbling to get my desk in the right spot, but the arranging and procurement of furniture wasn’t the problem. We had most of the stuff already and grabbed a new IKEA entertainment center along with a beautiful chest to hold all of our linens. We put together stuff, painted, and got the room just so. We used some of a gift card and the Memorial Day sale at Macys to buy the bed set we’d been lusting after. And that’s where the trouble began…

While we adore the design, the color, and the quality, we discovered that we live too rough of a lifestyle for this kind of finery. It ripped within days of us putting it on the bed. Then Logan got sick on it. Then it ripped again. Then it got pooped on while I was on vacation. So we switched back to the worn duvet, shoved the comforter up into the closet, and essentially forgot about it. Until we decided that it would be a waste of money to just leave it in the closet for years and not use it. So I pounded the dirty thing into a bag, took it to a laundromat with a jumbo washer/dryer, and had an enjoyable afternoon of reading and smelling detergents.

With new sheets and a clean comforter, it’s like a new bed and a new room. The color plays well with the Maui Mist walls, bringing out their blue, and is just relaxing. They’re comfortable as hell to lie on while I’m tackling all my textbooks, and the nice throw we got from Costco adds additional comfort.


Now that the comforter is out of the closet, I was finally able to finish up organizing it. Yes, The Captain does technically have more space than I do, but he has more t-shirts. So I shoved all my summer clothes in a suitcase and made room for the cardigans and sweaters. I try to keep all my shoes organized in the cubby so they don’t explode all over the room (which is a bad habit of mine, to be honest), and so far it’s working.

I don’t know how much longer we’ll be living here at The Haus, but I know that I have a desk to spread out on, a comfortable and fashionable bed, a pretty chest that holds all of our linens, a dresser that I try not to clutter with anything other than textbooks and my stereo, and everything is peachy keen. For now, this is our home and there’s no place I’d rather be.