Unofficially Autumn: Fall Haul 2016

Fall, as most people know, is my favorite season. It’s the time of year when I’m happiest, most at peace, and most inspired by the world around me. I love crunching leaves under my boots, feeling that crisp breeze brush through my hair, and tasting pumpkin spice anything. Luckily, I live in a corporate, capitalist world so stores usually start putting out fall things as early as August. M and I decided that September 1st was the unofficial real beginning of fall and so we looked for Labor Day deals and other ways to gather a Fall Haul to prepare for the upcoming cold.

In the past, I’ve only really done Halloween Hauls where I’ve bought lots of costumes, scary movies, and home décor. This year I wanted to actually buy things I could use for the season as a whole instead of just a section of it, and I’d like to say that I was successful. Using the money I saved on textbooks, I made my way to some of my favorite stores and came away with some treasures.

Bath & Body Works is the white girl heaven of autumn for a reason. They were having a huge sale and had already put out all of their fall line items—pumpkin everything. M and I could only stare in awe at the massive displays and large rooms filled with nothing but candles (Reno just got a White Barn). I didn’t necessarily go to town because I’m not going to go through it all in just four months, but I picked up: Champagne, Apple, and Honey shower gel, Orchard Leaves and Blue Sky shower gel, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin hand lotion, Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte body lotion, and Autumn Spiced Strawberry hand soap. Additionally, I resisted temptation and only bought two candles—Cranberry Woods and Berry Pumpkin Strudel. I can already see myself reading loads of textbooks while these candles burn.


I snagged some things for home from various stores. A plastic cookie bin from Winco and a new coffee mug from TJ Maxx will make my fall mornings that much sweeter. An autumn must-have, M and I made sure to grab some pumpkin spice coffee from Target. Then, as I form a slow-growing perfume addiction, I picked up the Bourbon rollerball of Elizabeth and James’ Nirvana line. Not that I don’t love the body sprays at Bath & Body Works, but they lack the olfactory sophistication of real perfume and they last for-freaking-ever. I don’t need that much body spray.

Lastly, of course, I had to get some clothes and shoes for the coming winter. I lucked out that The Captain needed new shoes right before school started and Famous Footwear was doing a BOGO sale. So I got me some warm, cute ankle boots that I’m sure will provide some protection on those long, cold walks to and from class. With as much time as I spend lying around reading this semester, I needed some comfy loungewear for home. I finally gave in and bought some gear that represents my school, and I imagine myself wearing them to all of my post-graduation finals. Then I grabbed some Nightmare Before Christmas sweats that were on sale at Spencer’s and finished off my comfort with Halloween pajamas from Walmart. I’m ready to snuggle.

M and I attended Savers’ Labor Day sale, with her being a customer for the first time in five years instead of mindless capitalist drone, and although I put a lot of stuff in my cart I didn’t come away with too much. I managed to find a pair of jeans that not only fit but are also the right length, a cute black dress perfect for the holidays, and a slouchy tee that will aide in my reading comfort. The last things I needed were sleeves of some kind so I picked up two shirts and a lovely cardigan from Target, and finished it off with plaid flannel from Walmart.


My Fall Haul may not be officially finished, but I’m content for now. I’ve got layers, warm shoes, good coffee, and some cute accessories. My favorite season is making its way to Northern Nevada, and I’m more than ready. I’m a girl who’s in love with the dying season, and I’m dying for it to get here.