Where the Magic Happens: An Office Tour

I used to take a desk for granted.

I would pile it up with papers, laundry, and junk and most of the time I would use a dining table or make-shift lap desk to do my homework or write. But when I moved out there wasn’t room to take a desk and the dining table was an uncomfortable affair. So most of my work was done in armchairs or bent over the coffee table. It worked fine, but it wasn’t my ideal work situation.

Cue the move—and The Captain and I had a bigger room, more space, and a perfect spot for my desk. Setting up my work area was a special experience: from spending an hour putting together my chair (that was in a box at my mom’s for almost two years), organizing my pens and markers, designing and creating my bulletin board, and getting to the point where I could finally do work.

It was amazing to spread out the ninth draft of Stained, holding my highlighters in hand, and be able to concentrate and focus on my work while sitting comfortably at a flat surface. Then I was able to charge my laptop as I also typed at my desk, rediscovering that I do type faster and with fewer errors when I do so. I can upload and edit photos without getting tangled up in cords. It just makes life easier.

My ideal set-up works well in our room. I’ve got my bulletin board set up with my weight loss goals and rewards, my resolutions for the year, the schedule for my job, upcoming blog posts, a beautiful paint palette, a brochure from the English department, and a monthly calendar to organize my writing and work. I’ve got pictures on my desk of my family so I can remember all of the people who support me. Then I’ve also got my markers and pens organized: ink pens, pencils and highlighters, felt tip markers, and sharpies. Then I’ve also got my lollipops for that sugar rush hit when it’s needed.

I like keeping my workspace tidy and neat so that I can just sit down and work without having to move stuff all around, but—for the most part—my planner and notebooks are pretty much the only things that stay around. I also have a gigantic stack of wedding magazines (not pictured) for help with all my upcoming planning. On the side, I’ve also got Lellyphant for emotional support during times of stress and trouble. I’m on the lookout for another piece of wall art to join my “Follow Your Dreams” and keep me motivated. The Captain and I share an organizer on the side, but I’ve found it great for holding receipts and papers for school.

So far, when I’ve been able to use it, the space has been perfect. The chair is comfortable, the pens and markers colorful, the bulletin board inspiring, and the desk is just what I needed. With my last undergrad semester on the horizon, grad school applications to do, and a wedding to plan I need this space more than ever.

What does your workspace look like?