Bye Bye Blue: Bathroom Reveal

In the year and a half that The Captain and I lived together in the upstairs of the Haus, we shared the bathroom with a total of six other people. Girls with long hair that clogged up the drain, boys who left puddles all over the floor, and people who forgot to flush the toilet from time to time. Figuring out bathroom schedules, occasionally taking midnight trips to the Walmart restroom, and dealing with scribbled inter-roommate notes on the mirror became the norm. To say that it was an experience would be an understatement of the amount of bathroom-related stress I dealt with.

So when The Captain and I learned that we were moving down to the master suite and upgrading to our own bathroom my mind exploded into ideas. I turned to Pinterest for inspiration of affordable upgrades and had to come to terms with the fact that I am not on a chandelier budget. I decided that there were key areas to focus on: the shower curtain, bath mats, and paint color.

I spent a long day trudging through the aisles of Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart, World Market, Target, and searching through Etsy for the perfect curtain for The Captain and me. I was torn between a navy blue curtain with America styled on it in bright white and a relaxing tranquil tree scene. The Captain chose the trees and we splurged a little on this gorgeous cream and silver piece of nature for our bathroom.

The bathmats were a surprise that I found at Ross. I picked them up, snapped a picture to send to The Captain, and brought them home to hang out in our closet until we moved. They’re comfortable, soft to the touch, and it’s nice to have real bathmats again instead of a Bronco’s rug. The white goes well with the curtain and the light shade of green is so relaxing and plays well with the walls.

Speaking of the walls, The Captain and I managed to select our wall color after about ten minutes of deliberation over some swatches. It’s a shade called Unwind from Behr and it does just that. We decided on shades of white for neutrality, but the hints of color bring character to the rooms. My hand cramped up and swelled from painting the bathroom three times to cover up the previous blue, but it was worth it. The taste of green in Unwind makes it so easy to relax in the shower and just take my mind off of the world and all of its problems.

The Captain and I finally have our own bathroom, painted a color that isn’t room-shrinking blue, and it’s been so nice. I don’t have to constantly pick up after other people or wait while someone is putting on makeup. I can just steam up the room with a hot shower, a scented candle, and even play a little music now and then. While I may not have the Pinterest-worthy bathroom of my dreams, this is just a little piece of perfection and the first step toward building an adult life with The Captain.