Home Sweet Interlude


Honestly, I thought my summer was going to be very different. I imagined days spent writing and enriching my mind, studying for the GRE, going on various adventures, and nights enjoying the company of The Captain and M. I imagined brief vacations to nearby places, hiking through the mountains, getting healthy, and time to settle and enjoy our new room downstairs. I did not imagine the rigors of moving, the commitment of housesitting, the unexpected jobs and errands, and how difficult it would be to find time to just breathe.

The Captain and I spent the first three weeks of summer holiday moving. Then we spent the next two housesitting, and it’s been an experience. Having to leave M to housesit the day after she moved in was not fun, because I wanted to enjoy living with my best friend right away—but delayed gratification I guess. In addition to that, I’ve been everyone’s favorite errand girl and have spent most of the last two weeks driving all over Reno.

My average day was getting up, eating breakfast, driving to the Haus to feed the cats breakfast, driving to my dogsitting gig, eating lunch, driving around and doing errands for my mom and sister, driving back to The Captain’s grandparents, eating dinner, driving to Savers to pick up M, driving back to the Haus to feed the cats dinner, and driving back for the night. It was exhausting and hard on my poor Jeep.

It was difficult between moving and housesitting for The Captain and I to eat healthy, and we slipped off of our diets… again. I pretty much gained back all the weight I lost initially, but now that we’re home I can get back into it and succeed. Additionally, I joined a gym last week and have been going and doing my best to improve my fitness. These are just short term habits that I’ve developing, but I’m hoping there will be long term results.

So, yes, I am extremely glad to be home for the time being. It’s nice to sleep in my own bed and know where everything is in the kitchen. It’s great to see my cats and be able to bond with them again instead of just feeding, petting, and walking out the door. It’s nice to have my work space to write and plan at again.

Alas, this won’t last long. I begin house and dogsitting for my mother on July first. It’s not as long, but I still wish I had longer than a week to spend at home. Driving all over town is exhausting, spending all day at a slow, boring job isn’t fun (although semi-productive for my personal work), and it’s been hard on both The Captain and I in many ways. For now, I’ll enjoy being home and, hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy summer pretty soon.