Moving On: Three Moves in Three Weeks

Moving is exhausting.

Really there is no better word to describe the bone-gnawing, muscle-aching pain that comes with going through everything you own, packing it up, putting it somewhere else, moving into a new place, and putting all that stuff away in an organized fashion. The Captain and I just did it for ourselves and for two other people. Suffice to say, we are, well, exhausted.

It all started with B’s Big Move. That began on Monday, May 23 when we officially started packing up boxes, wrapping glass products, and shrinking 85% of the downstairs Haus. We finished “officially” packing on Thursday, May 26 when we realized that we’d forgotten to box the video game games and consoles. On Friday, May 27 B moved out.

Also on the 26th, The Captain and I started moving some of our stuff downstairs. That mostly involved our books and the Tempur-Pedic mattress. (Which The Captain took downstairs by himself while I was at a family function and B was at the gym—I gave him a Molly Weasley-style lecture when I found out). On the 27th, we painted our new bedroom in Behr’s “Maui Mist” and trimmed it in “Dolphin Fin.” On the 28th, I painted the bathroom with “Unwind” before we installed the showerhead and bar. I took apart our bedframe—earning myself a bump on the head courtesy of the baseboard—and we put it together later that night, officially moving out of our bedroom and from the living room.

From the 29th to the 8th, we’ve just been organizing, putting things away, and moving things into the living room. I’ve got my “office” just the way I like and my vision board is on point. Everything has its place, and so far it’s managed to remain tidy. Thanks to furniture placement, the cats have taken to playing a feline version of ‘the-floor-is-lava.’ The new room feels like a new version of home for The Captain and I. We’ve had our dating rooms, and this feels like it can be our officially engaged room. A place for us to grow as a couple.

So on June 9th, we saddled up for one more move as we took my friend M out of her apartment and brought her to our Haus. It took two trucks and a Jeep, several trips, and a few stops along the side of Kietzke Lane, but we managed to get all her stuff and her lovable cat, Tigger, moved in. And so, hopefully, officially, I can say that we are done moving.

While our stuff is not 100% photo ready, I can promise that eventually there will be pictures. We’re happy in our new room, my best friend lives upstairs, and B is down in Vegas achieving his dreams. Life is good, and now summer can really start.