2016: Ready, Set, Go!

I’m big on resolutions—always have been—and nothing makes me feel more optimistic and hopeful for the future than sitting down to write them out. This year I composed a rough draft based on old resolutions I either didn’t succeed at or really liked and then added some new ones in. I feel like if I have more than one or three resolutions then there’s a higher probability I’ll succeed at something. Am I hopeful to accomplish all of these things? Definitely. Am I realistic in saying that I might not? Yup.
Without further ado, I present my 2016 resolutions in categories:

-Get down to a size 12 (US) in a healthy way.
-Be able to run three miles without stopping by the end of the year.
-Floss more often.
-Drink at least a bottle of water a day—more is better!
-Put effort into my appearance as often as I can—learn new make-up techniques along the way.

-Save $20 or more per month for the wedding with The Captain
-Save $10 or more per month to pay off student debt

-Cook a big meal for the family
-Go to more than one of my sister’s games

-Get a job and keep it!
-Rock the social media internship.

-Get a 3.5 GPA in the spring semester
-Graduate in the fall semester!
-Decide whether or not I’m going to go to grad school
-Apply to the UNR grad school (and maybe one more)
-Take the GRE as many times as it takes to get a great score

-Blog more often
-Finish “New Sanctuary”
-Finish “The Summer We Fell”
-Write something every day (even if it’s just in my planner)

-Read 24 new books
-Cook/bake something new every month (I really loved this in 2015)
-Keep a plant alive (I’m waiting to get the plant when it’s a little warmer, maybe that’ll work)
-Plan my WEDDING!
-Organize and keep planner up to date

Here’s to changing, growing, and becoming a better me in 2016!