A Quick Word: What I’ve Been Up To

            It has been a little over a month since I last updated Misc Musing, and I would like to apologize for that. A lot of things have happened since my last post that were unplanned, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have the time to write or keep up.

            The first thing being, of course, my ‘new’ job. I forgot how exhausting retail can be and, even though I’m at a measly 24 hours a week, how hard it can be to do things other than just sit around or do what needs to be done. It seems like when I’m not working I’m either running around Reno and Sparks doing errands and seeing people, or I’m home and trying to recover from working. I can finally say that after a month of working there my feet no longer hurt after every shift, so that’s good. I’ve made it through two sale days (which, to give you an idea, are 50% thrift items—so yeah, kind of crazy) and am enjoying the paychecks. So is The Captain, since this means he’s not paying for everything.

            However, since I’m working more than I was it seems that everything else kind of suffered. The housework isn’t getting done every day, but I’m learning to let that go. A little mess here and there is not worth stressing about, and even if I don’t have the energy to cook extravagant meals that doesn’t mean I can’t plan ahead. I did take a portion of my paycheck and put it toward a garden in the backyard, and it looks pretty good even in this horrible heat we’re having.

            I’ve been having health issues too, for unknown reasons, and it’s made me call out of work more than I wanted to. At one point, the student clinic prescribed me the type of nausea medication they give cancer patients. Our current theory is that I might have a food allergy to something that I frequently eat, so I’m lactose-free for a month or so to see if that helps. The Captain, our roommate B, and I are all on some form of diet so they’re supporting that by not keeping cow milk in the house anymore. Almond milk from now on!

            I managed to finish Stained 8.0 roughly on schedule, and am now in the final editing process before restarting my queries to agents and the submission process for publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts. A lot of changes were made in this revision, and I think they’re all positive ones! I did let Misc Musing slide so I could focus on that, but I don’t regret that too much.

            Otherwise, I’m being forced to watch all The Terminator movies by The Captain and B, reading fan fiction and YA novels like no other, and enjoying the time off from school. There have been some other changes too, but that’s for a later time.

            For now, I will try to write more and keep all aspects of my life better balanced.