Rejuvenate by Intraceuticals: What it’s Like to Get an Oxygen Facial


           I try to get a facial at least twice a year, because they’re really good for my skin, it’s a fabulous treat, and—in the long run—it’ll help me look younger for longer. I’ve gone to the same place to get them for about eight years now, and I usually got a facial where either extractions or acid were used to help the skin. Rejuvenate by Intraceuticals and the Oxygen Facial based off of it is a totally different experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

            It begins as most facials do with some nice steam on the face to open up the pores. Then the Cleansing Gel is applied to the skin.  Within moments I could already feel my face sucking up the hydration. It felt like I’d just dipped my face into some cool water. It was only ten minutes in but I could already feel it working. Then, after having a warm wash cloth put on my face, I got to have my eyebrows waxed and trimmed up (totally necessary when you have fast-growing bushy brows like I do).

            Before the next step, but not technically part of the facial, is dermaplaning. This is a procedure where the aesthetician uses a scalpel to basically shave off the face’s peach fuzz and some of the epidermis. It’s one of my favorite things in the world, because afterword my face feels as soft as a baby’s. Also with how fuzzy my face can get it’s nice to have smooth skin, and it helps make the application of foundation look better and less caked on.

            The next step is where the ‘oxygen’ part of the facial comes from. Using a fancy-looking oxygen machine, the aesthetician applies the Rejuvenate Serum to the skin. Unlike acid, the serum works to clean the pores from the inside out instead of outside in. To be honest, it feels a bit chilly on the skin, but it feels like having sunscreen sprayed on. In fact, this part of the treatment smells like sunscreen and wine—which you wouldn’t think would smell good together, but kind of do.

            After some more warm washcloths, the Rejuvenate Eye Gel, Hydration Gel, and Moisture Binding Cream are applied. It makes the face feel a little sticky for a bit, and my hair certainly liked staying on my face for a few hours after, but it was definitely nice.

            The face is a bit pink for about two hours after the facial, but it fades away rather quickly. Since I got the facial, my skin has definitely felt hydrated. It’s kind of like wearing moisturizer all day and night but without the slight greasiness and occasional shininess. As promised by the handy brochure: improved skin hydration and volume, instantly reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and my skin looks younger, luminously radiant and lit from within.

            Since drinking water and staying hydrated automatically helps the appearance of skin, using these types of products does wonders. I honestly plan on going out and buying the cleanser as soon as my current brand runs out.

            If somewhere near you offers this service, go and try it out. It’s not the cheapest (there’s a basic option around $150, and a more expensive ‘red carpet’ treatment for twice as much), but it’s definitely worth it. I’m pretty sure all my facials from here on out will be this type.

            I got my facial at The Center for Plastic Surgery with Eryn—who is an amazing aesthetician and person. I recommend checking them out.